Commence Operation Disrupt the Digital Divide!

If you are reading this blog post it’s most likely because you are or were a student in Ann Strahm’s SOCL3310 (Social Inequalities) class.

One of the issues I’ve observed in my time teaching at CSU Stanislaus, is that a significant number of us (students and faculty) have marginal experience with the tools that are important to our lives in the modern, digital era.  While many of us have cellphones – particularly smartphones – that allow us to access information, many of us don’t have internet access in our homes.  This limits our entry into this important part of today’s world, which limits opportunities.

Another issue that I’ve observed is that many of us have only a rudimentary understanding and usage of online Social Networking Sites (SNS).  Most of us have one account that we use to keep ourselves connected to friends and family (a good thing!), but we don’t understand the ways in which these online platforms can be utilized to enhance our life opportunities.

I am hoping that the steps I take to incorporate more social media and SNS in the classroom, in addition to a new digital storytelling component, will help ameliorate the digital divide for the students who so graciously share their journeys with me.

Lets not be afraid of these digital opportunities – lets embrace them and make them work for us!

See you all in January!


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