41 Benefits of an ePortfolio

Excellent and succinct description of the benefits of an e-portfolio for college students.

Stable Transitions

Benefits  of an  ePortfolio . . . 

               . . . for Students,  Educators, Employers or Corporate Companies

 1.  Students that develop an  ePortfolio will see BENEFITS . . .  from the PROCESS.

  • They will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process
  • Learning will take on a new depth through the reflection process
  • Their self esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as they take control of their learning. 
  • They may develop their own goals for their learning. 
  • Assessment of their learning may become more student centered;  the learner is involved and authorized to make decisions about will be evaluated. 
  • They will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
  • They will learn and begin to practice  a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits.

    . . . . from the PRODUCT

  • They…

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